Fourth year of corn, cotton and soybean trials completed

  • Fourth year of independent, replicated cropping trials
  • Trialled Soil & Seed, Balance & Grow, Fruit & Balance
  • +17 – 25% yield increases above the control

Three BioAg products have been trialled each year since 2013 to measure their effect on corn, cotton and soybean crop yields.

The fourth year of results (2016 season) have just been received.

2016 marked the fourth year of BioAg products being trialled in corn, cotton and soybean.

The complete series of trials (2013-16) were conducted by Agricenter International and managed by their Director of Farm and Research, Bruce Kirksey PH.D. While the weather during the season made it a tough one for growing crops (especially cotton) these are still strong results.

As in previous years, the trials measured the effect of BioAg’s biostimulant Soil & Seed applied to the soil, along with the foliars Balance & Grow and Fruit & Balance that deliver plant nutrition, growth and health.

Summary of the 2016 Trial Results

The trial had two key groups of replications:

(i) With the BioAg suite used in conjunction with the district standard practice (Full N).

(ii) The BioAg suite with -15% N taken out of the district standard practice (15% less N). (Not trialled on soybean).


The complete trial reports for these and our other trials are available on our Trials & Case Studies page.