Winter is a good time to think about your crop and pasture fertiliser requirements for next season.

In fact, if you talk to any of BioAg’s Area Managers and agronomists the first question they’ll ask is about test results. We understand the importance of knowing your current nutrient profile before making recommendations, and the best way to understand that is via scientific testing of suitable samples and with the help of a reputable laboratory.

Australia’s best growers and consulting agronomists consider a regular regime of soil and tissue testing is essential for any farming enterprise.

With winter crops sown and thoughts already turning to spring, this is a good time to arrange soil and tissue tests. Results will inform your fertiliser approach, and ensure you’re applying what you need with a good understanding of deficiencies, other limiting factors and the unique profile of your paddocks and fields.

GRDC article about the value of soil and tissue testing

In a recent article from the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) Project Lead Dr Sean Mason discusses the value of nutrient testing via plant tissue testing and soil testing. Watch out for some excellent tips including a reminder to sample whole plants for accurate measurement of Nitrogen and Phosphorus. 

How we can help

Talk to your BioAg Area Manager for sound soil fertility advice and help planning a soil nutrient program that will build up your soil and help you achieve improved and sustainable yield for pasture and crops of all kinds.

And yes, we can help you arrange a soil test, and assist with interpreting the results.