Independent Trial Delivers Positive Yield Responses

Agricenter International was engaged to perform a range of independent trials to evaluate the impacts of applying BioAg’s liquid biostimulants over a range of crop and fertiliser regimes.

This was following in-field use and demonstrations in Australia’s cropping regions that had identified positive yield responses when applying BioAg products on a range of crops. In 2019 and 2020 wheat trials were included.


To evaluate the impact on wheat yields when applying BioAg liquid biostimulants to fertiliser regimes representing Grower Standard Practice (GSP).

Method & Products

The analysis was done using small plot replicated trials with new sites utilised each year. All treatments received the standard practice fertiliser applications with:

  • T1 – Fertiliser application representing GSP.
  • T2 – Soil Only Program involved applying Soil & Seed at or just prior to sowing.
  • T3 – Full Program included Soil & Seed at or prior to planting as well as foliar applications of Balance & Grow and Fruit & Balance at the appropriate growth stage.


GSP (T1) v GSP with Soil & Seed (T2)
This treatment provided a 17% and 15% yield increase in 2019 and 2020 respectively.*

GSP (T1) v GSP + Full Program (T3)
This treatment provided a 38% and 35% yield increase in 2019 and 2020 respectively.*

* The increases are above the LSD (Least Significant Difference) in both years.


The trials found the use of either a soil biostimulant, or a full program of soil and foliar biostimulants, delivered yield increases +18% over GSP. The increases were both statistically and economically significant.**  

**While a full program delivered the greatest yield benefit, it was supported by good to excellent soil moisture levels – this is not always the case in Australian conditions and should be considered prior to use.

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