Growers of vines and tree crops will be happy to hear that Stephan Logoida has joined our team in the role of Viticulturalist and Horticulturalist.

Stephan will be based in Narrandera and will be spending most of his time assisting growers in NSW’s Riverina, Victoria and South Australia. He will also spend time in Tasmania to meet and advise growers looking for great results from their apple, cherry and other tree crops.

Stephan’s training has been in the ‘old world’ of agriculture, with a PhD in agricultural sciences from a European univerisity. He has worked in a number of roles, including crop protection and of course with BioAg he’ll be applying his knowledge and experience to creating great results with balanced nutrition for healthy soils. In Australia he’s had a number of roles including winemaking, something he now enjoys doing on his own time!

The benefits of his European training and experience can be seen in Stephan’s enthusiasm for the Australian context.

“The same science applies here”, he says. “The same rules, the same lore… Growers have the same concerns about soil and plant nutrition, moisture and temperature. What I see here – and I like this – is how enthusiastically Australian farmers embrace improvements in farming practice.”

What is Stephan looking forward to in his new role with BioAg?

“I’ve been in Australia for almost three years and I came here because it’s a beautiful and diverse country; with huge agricultural potential. I am very happy to be working here, in a field I really like.”

Stephan enjoys spending his free time exploring the wilderness and learning more about his adopted country.

He is keen to help growers benefit from BioAg programs and get the best out of their vines, tree crops and other perennial crops. Contact him by phone or email and he’ll be delighted to get the conversation started.

Stephan Logoida

PhD, Agricultural Sciences
Area Sales Manager – Viticulture & Horticulture

Mobile: 0428 640 070