By Anton Barton, Executive Chairman

We are sad to announce the death of Jeptha Marchant Gates on Friday 17th of May at his home in Memphis Tennessee. Jep had been battling cancer for an extended period and our thoughts are with his wife Zada as she grieves her great loss.

Jep was a founder of BioAg at its inception in March 1999 and was responsible for product development and technical team leadership in the 15 years prior to his retirement and return to the US in mid 2014.

Jep grew to be admired and respected by many farmers and advisors during the time that he toiled, developing sound biological nutrition programs on a paddock by paddock and block by block basis across Australia and New Zealand.

Jep was a fine business partner to have and Trudi and I are forever thankful that he was prepared to move to Australia in 1999 and to allow BioAg to be the vehicle that was to commercialise the fermentation technology that he had been developing in the Mississippi Valley by himself for many years prior to 1999.