Trial aim: to evaluate the impacts on cotton yield when using BioAg fermented microbial liquids over the top of standard fertiliser applications.


In-field use and on-farm demonstrations in Australia’s southern cotton valleys have identified positive yield responses when applying BioAg’s fermented liquid cultures on cotton crops.

To support these anecdotal successes, BioAg has run a series of independent, small plot replicated trials to gather reliable, repeatable, year on year results. Given the trial controls required, they were undertaken by the globally renowned Agricenter International in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

Fertiliser rates were based on standard practice in the area.

Product and Trial Information

Treated plots received applications of BioAg’s Fermented Microbial Fertilisers – Soil & Seed, Balance & Grow and Fruit & Balance. Soil & Seed was applied on the soil at planting.

In 2014 seasonal conditions were quite adverse, with a high level of abiotic stresses.  In 2016 and 2017 growing conditions were very good with crops suffering few abiotic stresses.

Full details on the trials are available in the reports available at the bottom of this page.


In each year of the trial the use of a full program of biostimulants, soil inoculant and foliar treatments, delivered a positive yield response.  

The response varied each year and in very poor and very good growing seasons the yield response was lower.  


The USA trials have shown that the use of BioAg liquids over the top of the standard fertiliser program increased yields. While the yield in each season varied, each year provided a beneficial financial return.

The highest yield responses were achieved in average growing seasons.

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