In 2010, BioAg commissioned Agrisearch Services Pty Ltd, an independent contract scientific research and development and testing organisation, to evaluate the efficacy of BioAg liquid fertilisers in wheat.

Results from the Lake Bolac, Victoria trial site show that the use of Soil & Seed increased yield, with the most significant increase shown with a program that combined Soil & Seed, Fruit & Balance and Balance & Grow.

The researchers also noted that Soil & Seed, Balance & Grow and Fruit & Balance did not affect crop tillering, however all treatments significantly increased crop yield compared to the untreated control.

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Lake Bolac Wheat trial report - 2010

One small plot replicated field trial was conducted between July 2010 and January 2011 to evaluate BioAg biostimulants for improving crop growth and yield in wheat. The trial was conducted near Lake Bolac in Victoria, Australia. This report contains the experimental methods used and presents the results.

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Products used in this trial

Soil & Seed

Balance & Grow

Fruit & Balance