soybeans ripening on plant

Trial aim 

To evaluate the impacts on soybean yield when using BioAg fermented microbial liquids over the top of standard fertiliser applications.


In field use and demonstration in Australia’s cropping regions had identified positive yield responses when applying BioAg’s fermented liquid cultures on to a range of crops.

In order to get more reliable, replicable, year on year results we needed to run independent, small plot replicated trials. Given the trial controls required BioAg selected the globally renowned AgriCentre Inc in Memphis, Tennessee, USA to perform the trials. 

Fertiliser rates were based on standard practice in the Tennessee area.

Products trialled

Treated plots received applications of BioAg’s Fermented Microbial Fertilisers; Soil & Seed, Balance & Grow and Fruit & Balance. 

Soil & Seed was applied on the soil at planting. Balance & Grow was applied as a foliar as two equal treatments, the first three weeks after planting and the second three weeks after the first application. Fruit & Balance was applied as a foliar as two equal treatments.

The first two weeks after the second application of Balance & Grow and the second 10 to 14 days after the first treatment.

Summary of results

In each year of the trials we ran the standard application. In addition to this we also ran trials to evaluate optimal rates of application and potential nutrient use efficiency benefits (the results are available in the trial data).

In each year the treated plots generated greater yields than the control plots. In 2015 where fertility was excellent the yield response was lower.

Yield increase over the district standard practice (control plots)

In years where fertility was good (4 of the 5 years) the treatments provided an average of 18% yield improvement.

Yield improvements were gained irrespective of low or high control plot yields

Yield response


The USA trials have shown that the use of BioAg liquids over the top of a fertiliser program increases yields. While yield in each season varied, each year provided a beneficial return.

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