CSIRO Publishing, Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture, 1997

  • Compared five RPRs and single super phosphate (SSP)
  • Phosphorus applied annually (1992-95)
  • Four different application rates were trialled
  • Dry matter was collected annually (1992-99)
graph showing improved yield with rpr compared to super

Summary of findings

At 17 kg/ha RPR produced more dry matter than SSP in every year of the trial.
RPR produced more dry matter than SSP once applications of P ceased (1995) until the end of the trial recording period (2000).

More information

McLaughlin M. J. , Fleming N. K. , Simpson P. G. , Bolland M. D. A. , Gilkes R. J., Sale P. W. G. , Blair G. J. , Hepworth G. , Gilbert M. A. , Stewart J., Garden D. L. , Dann P. R. , Hamilton L., Hunter J. , Cayley J. W. D. , Ward G. N. , Johnson D. Lewis D. C. (1997) National Reactive Phosphate Rock Project —aims, experimental approach and site characteristics. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 37, 885-904.

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