Trial aim

To assess the benefits of BioAg Soil & Seed in drill sown rice under standard farmer practices (as described by researcher) in the Murray Valley and compare that to standard farmer practice without BioAg Soil & Seed treatments.


The economic analysis indicated there was an increase both return per hectare and mega litre by using Bio Ag Soil & Seed over standard farmer practice. The greatest return per ha andML was achieved at the commercially recommended rate of 3L/ha for BioAg Soil & Seed. This result could be used to conclude that the commercially recommended rate for Soil & Seed is suitable for drill sown rice in the Murray Valley.

Rice Research Australia 2015/2016 trial delivers $600/ha

For the Rice Research Australia 2015/2016 trial, Soil & Seed was applied at the rate of 3 L/Ha pre-sow.

Total cost of product per hectare $24. Return to the grower per hectare $600.

BioAg’s best management practice is Soil & Seed at 4 L/Ha, with a product cost of $32/Ha..

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