Comparison of BioAg Bio-Stimulants for improving Yield in a Conventional Fertiliser Program on a Winter Forage Crop

Trial conducted by: Russell Ison, Tamworth Rural, 2011


A trial was conducted by Russell Ison, an agronomist at Tamworth Rural, in 2011 to evaluate the effectiveness of BioAg Bio-Stimulants in enhancing and improving a conventional fertiliser program on a winter ryegrass crop. The trial was conducted at Brian Wilson’s dairy farm Gordon, at Wallamore Road, Tamworth (NSW).

Summary of results

The addition of the BioAg bio-stimulants to a conventional fertiliser program in ryegrass has shown a positive result on yield and hence gross margin in this trial. The ryegrass treated with BioAg’s products yielded an extra 2,704kg/ha (17%) compared with the control and this produced an extra $696.75/ha in gross margin (21%) after taking into account the extra cost of the BioAg treatment. The BioAg bio-stimulants therefore gave an excellent return on investment in this trial.