Pakistan Rice production Trial 2012

National Agricultural research Centre
Islamabad, Pakistan


The principal findings of the field trial were as follows. The most favourable results were achieved by substituting 50% of the phosphorus applied as DAP with BioAgPhos® (as units of P), and the application of BioAg’s liquid nutrients Soil & Seed® (6 l/ha), Balance & Grow® (2 l/ha) and Fruit & Balance® (2 l/ha) at the recommended times after planting. This protocol is described in the report as “Treatment T4”. The benefits achieved were:

  • An increase in grain weight (g per 1,000 grains) – a measure of crop quality – of approximately 21.4%
  • An increase in crop yield of 8.2%
  • An increase in return on investment (ROI), as measured by the additional revenue received on the sale of the crop over the increase in input costs, of 19%