USA Wheat Trial 2019 – 2020

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Trial Aim To evaluate the impact on wheat yields when applying BioAg liquid biostimulants to fertiliser regimes representing Grower Standard Practice (GSP). Introduction In-field use and demonstrations in Australia’s cropping…

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Corn – Replicated Trials 2013-2017

The USA trials have shown that the use of BioAg liquids over the top of a fertiliser program increases yields. While yield in each season varied, each year provided a beneficial return.

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Cotton – replicated trials 2013-2018
Graph 1. US Cotton Trial 2013 – 2018 increase in bales/ha and % yield increase with overlay of microbial stimulants on standard grower practice.

Cotton – replicated trials 2013-2018

In-field use and on-farm demonstrations in Australia’s southern cotton valleys have identified positive yield responses when applying BioAg’s fermented liquid cultures on cotton crops.

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