Horticulture trial | Brinjal | 2011

This trial demonstrates that the BioAg fertiliser applications offer multiple benefits in vegetable cultivation, such as a) increased yield, b) increased revenue and c) improved quality.

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Cropping trial | Wheat | 2011 (Tamworth Rural)
The trial site at Allawah on the Oxley Highway, west of Tamworth

Cropping trial | Wheat | 2011 (Tamworth Rural)

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The aim of the trial was to determine the extent to which the application of BioAg bio-stimulants would enhance the effectiveness of the conventional fertilisers applied at sowing and whether an economic benefit would result. The BioAg treated crop yielded an extra 700kg/ha (12.7%) compared with the “control” and this produced an extra $168.55/ha in gross margin (37.7%) after taking into account the extra cost of the BioAg treatment.

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