Cotton Cropping Trial, NSW, 2012

Russell Ison, Tamworth Rural 5 ha block, Breeza NSW Summary results Yield increase of +8% Increased maturity, earlier defoliation BioAg cotton trial, Tamworth Rural, 2012 trial report Cotton Cropping Trial, NSW, 2012 was last modified: July 28th, 2016 by BioAg

Wheat cropping trial, Victoria, 2010

Evaluation of BioAg Biostimulants for improving crop growth and yield in wheat Lake Bolac, Victoria, Australia 2010 Agrisearch Services Pty Ltd Summary results All treatments significantly increased crop yield compared to the untreated control.   Lake-Bolac-AgResearch-trial Wheat cropping trial, Victoria, 2010 was last modified: July 28th, 2016 by BioAg

Corn, Cotton, Soybean Cropping Trial 2013-15

BioAg Cropping Trial Foreward This is a summary of the outcomes of a three-year independent cropping trial program conducted by AgriCenter International and using BioAg biostimulants (liquid microbial fermented cultures). BioAg Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company that formed in 1999 and is based in the Riverina/Murray Irrigation Area of NSW. BioAg products consist of a range of solid phosphate fertilisers and a range of liquid biostimulants. All products, both solid and liquid, utilise a variant of broad spectrum liquid microbial fermented culture in order to improve the efficacy of what would otherwise be a traditional agricultural production input. Research and development of BioAg biostimulants commenced in the 1990’s with the aim of producing a suite of products that reduced the environmental impact of fertiliser practices without compromising production. The first of the current suite of products was made available in 2000. About these cropping trials These …

Case Study: Broadacre Cropping in Dunkeld, Vic

A biological soil nutrition program is enabling Victorian farmers, Gavin and Vikki Bensch, to shrug off the effects of the drought and produce some of the best clover hay they have ever grown. Gavin and Vikki grow about 180 hectares of clover hay, wheat, linseed, field peas and oats on their 350 ha property, “Kengurra”, near Dunkeld in the Western District. They also run 1,500 superfine Merino ewes, some of which are joined to Poll Dorset and Southdown rams for prime lamb production, and a small Angus beef herd. A fourth-generation farmer in the region, Gavin has long been concerned about the ongoing effects of acid fertilisers and the use of crop protection products on the health of his soils. “I am no longer comfortable about using a lot of conventional fertilisers and pesticides,” he said. “I’m more interested in getting production out of the soil naturally rather than forcing …

Case Study: Growing Wheat and Oats, Inverell, NSW

Northern NSW farmers, Geoff and Kaye Bassett, have defied the drought to produce an amazing 500 kilograms of beef per hectare on their dual-purpose wheat and oat crops. The key to their success is a revolutionary biological farming program which they claim has dramatically improved their soil structure and, as a direct result, plant vigour and animal health. The Bassetts run 300 Limousin cows and grow bought-in steers for the feedlot trade on their 1,800 hectare Inverell-district property, “Pindaroi Station”, which usually receives an average of 800 mm of summer-dominant rain a year. Yearlings are run on a mix of winter and summer fodder crops, including oats, wheat, lab lab, cow peas and lucerne, sown into 800 ha of arable basalt soils, while the breeding herd grazes semi-improved pastures. The Bassetts began an intensive fertiliser and pasture improvement program in their grazing country about 25 years ago, applying 125 kg/ha …

Case Study: Pasture and Grain, Trangie NSW

An on-farm trial conducted by central NSW lamb and grain grower, Wayne Brabrook, has conclusively shown that a revolutionary biological soil nutrition program represents a real and profitable alternative to conventional techniques. Adopting the program four years ago, Wayne has seen the gross margins from his lamb fattening and cropping enterprises soar to $646/ha and $423/ha, respectively. The Brabrook family – Wayne and his wife, Narelle, and Wayne’s parents, Victor and Colleen – operate a mixed farming operation on two adjoining properties, “Tallengar” and “West Harnham”, in the Trangie district. Depending on the year, 60 percent of their 1,200 hectare aggregation is sown to wheat, barley, oats and lupins. In addition, they buy up to 7,000 first and second-cross lambs each year which are grown out to 45–55 kg on lucerne pastures and cereal stubble. Wayne began exploring alternative farming systems about six years ago. “Our soils, which had no …

BioAg Case Study: Broadacre Cropping and Pasture, NSW

Riverina grain grower, Wayne Hamblin, is earning handy premiums by meeting the growing demand for high energy, chemical-free grain from organic dairy farmers. Together with wife, Kim, and son, Chad, Wayne conducts a mixed cropping and livestock operation on “Big Tree”, Matong, about 70 km north-west of Wagga Wagga. The 1,600 hectare property has been in family hands for more than 100 years. The Hamblins grow about 640 hectares of wheat, oats, barley, vetch and clover under a three to five year cropping program followed by a three-year pasture phase. “Big Tree” is also home to 1,800 first-cross Dorper ewes, which are joined to Dorper rams for prime lamb production, and 30 Santa Gertrudis cross and Brangus cows, which are joined to Angus bulls to produce vealers. About six years ago, Wayne became concerned that he was mining the soil and leaving little for future generations. “The ground had become …

BioAg Independent Replicated Trial Data Review – Quin Environmentals

Peer review by Dr Bert Quin PhD Analytical Chemistry Introduction Trials were conducted in 2013 on corn, cotton and soybeans at AgriCenter International’s field research facility near Memphis, Tennessee. Yield and many other factors were compared using ‘Standard Farm Practice’ fertilizer applications for the particular crop with and without different versions of the BioAg proprietary product program. In the case of corn, two additional treatments, namely two versions of the BioAg program in the presence 15% lower than the ‘Standard Farm Practice’ nitrogen (N) application rates were included. The trials appear to have been meticulously carried out, and fully analysed statistically. The yield data were also subjected to cost-benefit analysis. Overview of results In all 3 crops, the addition of the various BioAg programs gave statistically significant, sizeable responses compared to the fertilizer alone treatment. Where it was tested (on corn), the BioAg treatment still produced more yield that fertilizer …

Cropping trial | Sugar Cane | 2014

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Sugar Cane Dr S.K. Barathan Roy, Centre for Strategic Studies, West Bengal, 2014. Replicated and randomised blocks. Summary results All BioAg treatments outperformed the control treatment Yield improvements of up to +53% were recorded Sugarcane, India, trial report Cropping trial | Sugar Cane | 2014 was last modified: July 28th, 2016 by BioAg

Hart Field-Site Trial | Balance & Grow | SA 2013

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In 2013, an N and P supplement and replacement trial was conducted at the Hart Field-Site in South Australia. The site, consisting of 40 hectares of sandy clay loam soils and an average rainfall of 400mm is the home of the annual Hard Field Day, first held in 1982. Given the hot dry spring experienced, yields from the trial were generally below expectations and none of the 16 different treatments produced any significant increase in yield. The only treatment that had any significant impact on protein (which averaged between 10.0% and 10.5%) was BioAg’s Balance & Grow, which applied at 2l/ha produced protein of 12.8%. This represents a quality increase from ASW to Prime Hard, or in dollar terms an increase of at least $40/tonne based on GrainCorp contracted prices for Southern NSW at the end of May. Balance & Grow also came in with the lowest percentage of screenings. …

Cropping trial (strip) | Soybeans | 2013

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Dr. K. Bruce Kirksey, Agricenter International, Memphis Tennessee USA, 2013 2013-BioAg-Soybean-Strip_Spray-Seeding-Plan_Dec-5-2013 Cropping trial (strip) | Soybeans | 2013 was last modified: July 29th, 2016 by BioAg