We invest in trialling products on a wide range of crops and pastures, reflecting the diversity of farming in Australia.

Our trial reports cover the use of BioAg programs and products in summer and winter cropping, cereals, horticulture, dairy and grazing pastures.

Increased rice yields with Soil & Seed

In the 2015/16 season, Rice Research Australia (RRAPL) conducted independent trials on rice using BioAg’s Soil & Seed (3 L/Ha) boom sprayed onto rice bays pre plant. The result was a 14% yield increase above the control, a grower return of +$600/Ha

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Apples – UK

Evaluation year: 2011 Location: Boxford Fruit Farm, Hill Farm, Boxford, Suffolk UK Products used Soil & Seed Methodology Representative soil samples were taken from Control

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