30 August 2019
It’s been a tough winter for many, including this Riverina grower. However, following a program of BioAgPhos and lime, with BioAg liquids applied to our agronomist’s recommendations, he is looking at rejuvenated soil and a sensational outcome with barley and lupins. Now we just need rain to bank the best possible result in both!
crop of vetch in August

Program overview for this grower

Crop rotation: wheat-barley-lupin OR wheat-barley-vetch (manured) on some fields.

(All amounts shown per hectare)

BioAg solid fertilisers

  • Lupins – 200 Kg BioAgPhos + 1Tonne AgLime spread pre-planting
  • Barley (previous year, before last year’s crop of wheat) 200 Kg BioAgPhos + 1Tonne AgLime spread pre-planting.

BioAg liquid application


Spartacus CL Barley

BioAg liquid microbial fermented cultures

BioAg’s biostimulants range is designed to increase yield, quality, production efficiency, and sustainability. Supplement your traditional fertiliser program or build a certified organic nutrient program with our organic variants (allowed input 221).

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Success stories

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