A trial was conducted by an agronomist at Tamworth Rural, in 2011 to evaluate the effectiveness of BioAg bio-stimulants in enhancing and improving a conventional fertiliser program in bread wheat at Somerton, west of Tamworth in the New England region of northern NSW.
The aim of the trial was to determine the extent to which the application of BioAg bio-stimulants would enhance the effectiveness of the conventional fertilisers applied at sowing and whether an economic benefit would result from applying them.
The addition of the BioAg bio-stimulants to the conventional fertiliser program in wheat has shown a positive result on yield and hence gross margin in this trial. The BioAg treated crop yielded an extra 700kg/ha (12.7%) compared with the “control” and this produced an extra $168.55/ha in gross margin (37.7%) after taking into account the extra cost of the BioAg treatment. The BioAg bio-stimulants therefore gave an excellent return on investment in this trial.
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