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Winter Strategy-Grow More Feed

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Winter temperatures can cause pasture growthrates to drop to very low levels 0-15 kg DM/ha/day Long-term phosphate trials have shown itspositive effect on winter production³ 1 kg P/ha grew 1.7 t DM/ha 15 kg P/ha grew 2.8 t DM/ha Balance & Grow with nitrogen and gibberellic acid are “get out of jail” cards when short of winter feed Growth stimulation can be seen as early as seven days after application Winter Strategy-Grow More Feed was last modified: May 24th, 2016 by Miriam Zolin

Growing Pasture

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Growing Pasture: The Grass is greener in Murrabit! John Archard on growing pasture: “Anyone can grow grass in autumn and spring just by throwing nitrogen down. Where this system stands out is its ability to grow quality pasture from March to December. High protein and high ME feed is what keeps your milk volume and components up”. Growing Pasture was last modified: February 24th, 2016 by Miriam Zolin

Pasture Case Study, Springhurst Victoria Australia

The Humphry family’s mixed farming operation in north eastern Victoria is ample proof that biological farming can be an efficient and sustainable method of agricultural production. The Humphrys have been successfully implementing and refining biological farming techniques for more than 30 years on their Springhurst district property, “Avondale”, long before such concepts even had a name or credence in the wider agricultural community. During that time, their efforts to restore the natural health and structure of their soils have led to significant improvements in crop yields, grain quality and animal health without the use of conventional fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides. Lindsay Humphry and his brother, Ian, and sister-in-law, Margaret, run a tightly-integrated dairying, beef cattle, fine wool and cropping enterprise …