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Potential for a short Spring [Act Now]

Strong, plentiful and healthy pasture in Spring is key for maximising your profit from this type of enterprise. Both new and established pastures benefit from the more favourable growing conditions (warmth and moisture), while it is up to us to ensure that soils are healthy and nutrient needs are addressed. Nutrient deficiencies occur in Spring largely due to the conditions they have just experienced in Winter. Higher rainfall can increase the leaching and lock-up of any previously applied water soluble nutrient, while colder temperatures can increase the mortality of beneficial microbes normally present in healthy soils. Addressing soil health and nutrient needs now delivers numerous benefits to pastures: It improves the quality and quantity of grazed feed, and conserved feed (silage and hay) It allows us to increase and maintain stocking rates It improves the digestibility and palatability of grazing, silage and hay feed It creates the circumstances that deliver …

The Thinking Farmer – Vegetative Growth

It’s been a busy 3-months on the farm (when isn’t it) with lime, gypsum and BioAgPhos spread over summer, and planting of our cereals and oilseeds through the autumn. The planting conditions couldn’t have been better with good rainfall before and during the planting window. This has helped with seedling emergence. I’ve completed some recent counts with my agronomist and have an average plant density of 190 plants per square meter in the wheat and 40 plants per square meter in the canola. While the coming spring’s rainfall can still have an influence the result, at the moment with the soil moisture profile we have, coupled with our fertility program and the plant density, the yield potential is above average. To maintain the current momentum I need to maximise tillers per plant and vegetative growth which will be the engine room for the plant, providing all of the energy needed …

BioAg Pasture near Crookwell

Winter Strategy-Grow More Feed

Winter temperatures can cause pasture growthrates to drop to very low levels 0-15 kg DM/ha/day Long-term phosphate trials have shown itspositive effect on winter production³ 1 kg P/ha grew 1.7 t DM/ha 15 kg P/ha grew 2.8 t DM/ha Balance & Grow with nitrogen and gibberellic acid are “get out of jail” cards when short of winter feed Growth stimulation can be seen as early as seven days after application Winter Strategy-Grow More Feed was last modified: May 24th, 2016 by BioAg

Growing Pasture

Growing Pasture: The Grass is greener in Murrabit! John Archard on growing pasture: “Anyone can grow grass in autumn and spring just by throwing nitrogen down. Where this system stands out is its ability to grow quality pasture from March to December. High protein and high ME feed is what keeps your milk volume and components up”. Growing Pasture was last modified: February 24th, 2016 by BioAg