Sustainable Agriculture

“We want our farmers to finish the year with a healthier farm than what they started with….achieving this is how we increase both their production and sustainability”Anton Barton, Managing Director, BioAg
Sustainable Agriculture on a BioAg pasture

Farm Production & Sustainable Agriculture

Like any business, farms need to make a profit to keep operating. For inputs like fertilisers, this means obtaining the best production possible for every dollar spent. Moving to more sustainable farm practices is of little use if it means compromising the income derived from the farm.

To achieve and maintain financial sustainability, the first goal of any BioAg Program is to deliver the best value for money possible. We work hard at designing products and programs that can deliver both quality, and sound economic value to the farmer.

At BioAg, we know, if we don’t do a good job for you, you won’t invite us back.

Sustainable Farmland

A healthier farm production system has a positive impact on what it ultimately produces. If soil health is in decline, then this can affect the crop in a number of ways, from tolerance to stresses such as disease, pest and drought, through to yield quality and quantity.

Using a BioAg Program means your farms soils can be in a better condition at the end of the season than they were at the start. Soil structure improves, enabling excess moisture and nutrient to be retained rather than lost, populations of beneficial microbes that perform essential roles such as converting and delivering nutrient to the plant increase, and crop and pasture quality in turn improves.

Sustainable agriculture on a NSW canola crop

Value for money

BioAg source their raw materials from high-quality sources that can still be converted into affordable products.

Products such as our solid natural fertiliser range maintain well below maximum allowable tolerances for heavy metals and impurities, while delivering high units of nutrient such as phosphorus per kilogram (p/kg).

In fact, an ideal way to measure the value for money you are receiving is to compare how much p/kg you receive from a competitor product with a BioAg product. If needed, your agronomist or distributor can show you how to calculate this, otherwise contact a BioAg Area Manager for assistance.

Safe for all areas

BioAg fertilisers can be applied to areas of the farm that traditionally would you would try to avoid, such as water catchment areas which will simply grass up and help fight erosion. Denitrification is eliminated and run-off is greatly reduced.

10 ways BioAg can provide sustainable & profitable production

1 Testing

2 Immediate & sustained release

3 Reduce leaching and lock-up

4 Spread any time

5 Spread once

6 Tailored Programs

7 Improved soil health

8 Bio stimulants for increased performance

9 Safe for all areas

10 Reduce impurities & heavy metals

  • 01

    Don’t apply any more or less fertiliser than your crop or pasture needs. We can provide a range of soil, leaf and tissue testing to promote maximum production without wastage.

  • 02

    A typical BioAg program can incorporate water soluble fertiliser for a quick hit of nutrient, with our sustained release natural fertilisers to develop long lasting reserves.

  • 03

    Our natural fertilisers are made available in a number of ways, but are not water soluble, which is the form most susceptible to leaching and lock-up. Reduce these problems on your farm and you reduce wastage.

  • 04

    Not being water soluble means our natural fertilisers can be spread at any time of the year. This means you can source cheaper out-of-season rates for transport and spreaders.

  • 05

    Spread once. Our natural fertilisers can be mixed with other inputs such as lime and gypsum.

  • 06

    Tailored to suit you. A BioAg Area Manager will develop a program tailored to each specific paddock on your farm.

  • 07

    By using a BioAg program, or including our products in your existing program, you are adding to the beneficial soil microbial populations that make your soil healthier and better performing.

  • 08

    Further improvements to your crop or pasture can be made by inclusions from our liquid biostimulant range, further improving soil health and its benefit to the plant.

  • 09

    Remove the inconvenience and issues by sperading to all areas of your farm. No more avoiding areas susch as waterways, instead turn these into grassed up areas that fight erosion and fertiliser run-off.

  • 10

    Reduce the amount of impurities and heavy metals entering your farm system and waterways. BioAg products use high quality raw materials with low levels of these negatives.

How about one more reason – spread every second year

  • 11

    With reduced susceptability to leaching and lock-up, and a sustained, long-lasting release of nutrient, you can apply BioAg natural fertilisers at a biennial (every second year) rate and avoid the yearly hassle.
    Remember, you can spread out of season as well, making managing time and costs easier.

The Soil Health website discusses the biological, chemical and physical properties of soils, and provides the Soils are Alvie soil health reference for farmers, consultants and researchers.