In a series of US based replicated crop trials conducted by AgriCenter International in 2013, BioAg’s liquid product range provided a staggering 27% yield increase above standard fertiliser practices.

Based on the current price for corn in the U.S. (19 Nov. 2013) of US$ 197.93 per tonne, the return on investment on these results would be an ROI of 8x.

Located in Tennessee, USA the five replicated trials of Dent corn provided yields of up to 13.2 tonnes/ha compared to the control yield of 10.4. Strip trials were also conducted. Here the BioAg strip showed a yield increase equivalent to 23.2 bu/ac (1.4 t/ha) or 14.8%.

Under the control of Dr K. Bruce Kirksey, Director of Research for AgriCenter International based in Memphis, the trials featured four protocols set up in a five-plot replication, the first protocol being the control that utilised the standard fertiliser application regime for the district.

In the next two treatments the district standard was reduced by 15% and two different application rates of Soil & Seed, Balance & Grow and Fruit & Balance were then applied. These two replications differed in the ratios of Balance & Grow and Fruit & Balance applied towards the end of the growing season.

In the final treatment an optimum application of BioAg liquids was applied over the control or standard district practice.

The control regime consisted of an initial treatment of fertiliser (N20-P80-K80) followed by 150 units/acre of 32% N in a liquid form.

All the BioAg treatments gave yield increases compared to the control.

Significance of the yield increases


Yield [bu/ac]

Yield [t/ha]

% Yield Increase




Control (-15%) + BA




Control (-15%) + BA2




Control + BA




Jep Gates, Technical Director at BioAg said “We are extremely happy with the results. We are conducting trials in a country recognised as world leaders in agricultural farming practices. To have independent results such as this is validation that these products richly deserve”.

The significance of the BioAg yield increases can be understood when analysed by standard statistical measurements performed as part of the trial.

Generally a 95% confidence limit measurement is the industry standard that a trial increase is more than just the result of other factors such as a beneficial growing environment or season. The BioAg results returned a result of 99%, meaning there is less than 1% chance of the result being purely due to favourable external conditions.

These are important results clearly showing real yield increases and benefits for corn producers not only in the highly competitive USA market but also for Australian growers who have chosen to adopt BioAg programs.

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