ANZAC day has been and gone and the winter crop and pasture sowing season is beginning in earnest.

Given the length of the drought that too many growers have been forced to endure, many will be sowing their crops and pastures with reduced rates of starter fertiliser.

Reduced fertiliser rates are a common theme in 2019, for a range of reasons.  This presents challenges for plant vigour post emergence because water soluble phosphates, including MAP and DAP, will readily lockup with iron and aluminium in acid soils, becoming unavailable for plant uptake.

Phosphate is a critical nutrient for plant vigour, along with micronutrients including zinc and copper, which are often deficient.

If your fertiliser use is reduced, it is really important to ensure that you get it all into the plant.

Soil & Seed has demonstrated in replicated trials, field demonstrations and long term grower use, that it enhances uptake of nutrients into plants.

Apply Soil & Seed at sowing time, by boom spray or furrow injection if you’re set up for it – and it helps to convert applied fertiliser into a microbial state where it is not so subject to lockup, leaching or volatilisation. In this way, Soil & Seed enhances fertiliser use efficiency.

What is Soil & Seed?

Soil & Seed is a liquid product of microbial fermentation that contains a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates and dormant beneficial organisms.