The Eggert family of Oxhill Organics, located at Wauchope on the mid-north coast of NSW, have been using BioAg products since 2003, the year they were certified organic.

The Eggert’s have been farming for four generations, with their primary business organic milk. The farm also produces grass-fed meat, chicken, beef and pork; and organic pasture ranged eggs. They also produce all their own compost from mulch, straw and sawdust laid on the dairy yard to combine with cow manure and urine.

Oxhill Organics considers soil health a core element of their business, seeing it as essential to ensure the sustainability of their farm in the long term. The business relies on quality external inputs to contribute to the soils and their biodiversity.

“We still use these products today from time to time, as they do such a great job making the soil healthy. The system almost sustains itself, so we only need to use the products periodically.

When we transition a new piece of land to organic, make silage hay, or have major climate events such as drought or floods, the BioAg products we use are a must-go-to. We are also very grateful to Anton for his practical advice over the last 20 years”, said Chris.

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