BE REWARDED – For early fertiliser purchases

There’s another shipload of high quality Algerian RPR coming at the beginning of 2018.

So that we don’t have to bury existing inventory under the new shipment when it arrives we are going to offer some incentives which will reward customers for taking delivery of BioAgPhos and blends prior to the coming Christmas shutdown.

The cutoff for delivery will be Friday 22nd December as our Geelong quarry facility will be closing for dispatch purposes from the 23rd.
The two deals on offer will be:

1. A discounted price for product collected and paid for prior to the end of December 2017, and

2. Take delivery of product by Christmas with payment to be completed by end of March 2017.

BioAgPhos, like lime, gypsum and most of BioAg’s blends provides the benefit of being able to be stored outdoors on farm without the risk of spoiling.

If spread early, they will work their way into the soil by a variety of means without any loss of efficacy.
Being non water soluble and resistant
to lockup and leaching, the timing of
application comes down to when it
best suits you.
Problems occur when the purchase decision is delayed until Autumn.

Transport becomes difficult or impossible to engage, and freight prices can rise significantly as the competition for trucks increases.

Every year the demand for road transport for both water soluble cropping and pasture fertilisers exceeds the industry’s capacity for virtually all of Autumn.

Lots of growers are happy to receive lime and gypsum at off-peak times of the year (times other than Autumn) knowing that trucks are available, freight rates are lower, and often there are price or payment deals designed to make the purchase decision an easy one.

Here at BioAg we want you to have BioAgPhos and our other blends on farm and ready to work for you when you are ready to have it spread, either with your own spreader or via a contractor.

The other great benefit to having product on farm early is that if you do spread through a contractor, they are more likely to be available (and possibly at better prices) than if you spread during peak Autumn spreading season.

Early in the season carriers regularly have grain as a load to port, keeping your freight cost down, an arrangement that probably won’t be available in Autumn.

So avoid the disappointment, the inevitable frustration, and the additional cost associated with trying to get supplied during the Autumn rush.

Buy your BioAgPhos early and take delivery before Christmas. You will be much better off.
To obtain a deal, speak to your BioAg
agronomist now to access the best deal that will work for you this coming Summer.
By mid November pricing will be available and the smart ones will buy while stocks last.