Whatever your regenerative agriculture model, BioAg can help you stay productive.

Regenerative Agriculture is a term that covers a range of farming approaches. At the core of all of them, however, is a commitment to a sustainable practice while maintaining productivity.

BioAg’s team of area managers develop programs and provide advice for farmers across the range of farming approaches. We work with farmers who practice what you might call conventional farming’ and have an interest in regenerating the soil. We also work with farmers who have committed to natural fertilisers and a strong focus on regenerative agriculture, or ‘regen ag’.

Regardless of where you sit in on the scale, if your farm is productive then you are exporting nutrients from the soil.

As nutrients are exported in produce, they will decline in the soil. When this happens, productivity declines. Nitrogen can be captured from the atmosphere. All other nutrients need to be supplied. This is achieved by the application of fertilisers and other products.

Better soils can unlock nutrients that are bound up in the soil.

Better soils also have reduced levels of leaching and volatilisation, keeping more nutrients in the soil, and available to plants. A BioAg program leads to better soils.

Nutrients exported with some common produce. Information sourced from charts produced by Summit Fertilizers, Impact Fertilisers and others.

Whatever your farming practice, we have a program that will help your farm stay productive while improving soils. Our programs have helped leading growers achieve better yield and quality in crops and livestock.

Talk to the team about how BioAg can contribute to regenerative agriculture on your farm.

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