• Use at pre-emergent and/or sowing stages
  • Promotes soil health and fertiliser use efficiency

Soil amendment and seed inoculant

BioAg Soil & Seed is formulated to improve soil microbial activity, natural soil fertility and moisture and nutrient utilisation.

It acts as an excellent soil inoculant. It encourages rapid germination and early root development, enhancing yield potential. Independent trials in a wide variety of crops attest to its effectiveness in improving yield and quality.

Treated soils demonstrate improved structure, water infiltration, tilth and field capacity, along with natural plant pathogen suppression.

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Soil & Seed encourages a diverse population of beneficial micro-organisms, including bacteria, fungi, yeast and protozoa.

These organisms perform a wide variety of tasks that are important for both soil health and profitable farming systems. In the soil environment, the total number of organisms, the activity and the diversity will vary between soil types, crop types and production systems, so it is very important to introduce and invigorate a diverse population of microorganisms.

Soil & Seed also contains a complexed food source for microbiology that includes carbohydrates, proteins (amino acids), humic compounds, vitamins, minerals.

Download the brochure or get in touch to start the conversation about how BioAg can help you get the most from your farm.

Soil & Seed detailer

  • Provides a balanced food supply for soil microbes
  • Stimulates soil microbial population and diversity
  • Accelerates conversion of crop residues into humus
  • Improves soil moisture and nutrient utilisation
  • May be used as a seed inoculant for rapid germination and early root development

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Organic enterprises

BioAg Soil & Seed is also available in an organic variant. To find out more, visit our Soil & Seed (Organic) product page.

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BioAg liquid microbial fermented cultures

BioAg’s biostimulants range is designed to increase yield, quality, production efficiency, and sustainability. Supplement your traditional fertiliser program or build a certified organic nutrient program with our organic variants (allowed input 221).

Download the brochure or get in touch to start the conversation about how BioAg can help you get the most from your farm.

Success stories

Read case studies from growers who have seen success from their use of Soil & Seed.

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