Phosphorus 11.4% | Sulphur 10% | Calcium 32%

Highly reactive phosphate fertilizer made from high-grade reactive phosphate rock (RPR) combined with BioAg’s microbial digesting agent and elemental sulphur.

By providing elemental sulphur in the form of sulphur bentonite, crops and pastures receive a sustained release form of sulphur for the entire growing season.

  • Ideal for higher rainfall and higher leaching environments where a stable form of sulphur fertiliser is needed.
  • Sulphur is included in sulphur bentonite pastille form with low sulphur dust.
  • Delivers long lasting, sustained release of nutrient making both annual and biennial (every second year) applications possible.
  • Reduces fertiliser loss due to common issues such as leaching and lock up.
  • The inclusion of sulphur improves the efficiency of other nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen.
  • Safe for use on all areas on farm, including waterways which will simply grass up.
  • A natural and sustainable alternative to conventional fertilisers.
  • Sulphur is essential for plant growth, the formation of root nodules on legumes, and improves plant health.
Certified Organic Input 221

Suitable for aerial spreading

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