Weight / volume 10.3% N | 12.7% Ca

CalNitSol is a non-acidifying calcium nitrate solution that contains 10.3% nitrogen and 12.7% calcium on a weight/volume basis.

Choosing calcium nitrate in a liquid form means you avoid having to dissolve a granular product on-farm. This allows for more efficient application and the ability to easily mix with other liquids such as Fruit & Balance or trace elements and reduce the number of passes.

CalNitSol delivers N and Ca in a form that is ready for immediate plant uptake, addressing N and Ca deficiencies, aiding fast growth and healthier plants.

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Winter 2019 was a tough one for many growers, including this Riverina grower. However, following a program of BioAgPhos and lime, with BioAg liquids applied to our agronomist’s recommendations, he achieved rejuvenated soil and a sensational outcome with barley and lupins.

Program overview for this grower

Crop rotation: wheat-barley-lupin OR wheat-barley-vetch (manured) on some fields.

(All amounts shown per hectare)

BioAg solid fertilisers

  • Lupins – 200 Kg BioAgPhos + 1Tonne AgLime spread pre-planting
  • Barley (previous year, before last year’s crop of wheat) – 200 Kg BioAgPhos + 1Tonne AgLime spread pre-planting.

BioAg liquid application

  • 3 litres Soil & Seed + on dry-inoculated lupin seed.
  • 1 litre CuZin applied early post-emergent with 1.7 litres Balance & Grow + 4 litres CalNitSol along with grass herbicide program (tank mix).

Spartacus CL Barley

crop of vetch in August

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