Potassium 41.5% | Sulphur 18%

Deliver potassium and sulphur in a certified organic form

BioAgSOP is an organically certified granular form of concentrated potassium and sulphur that is immediately available to the plant.

BioAgSOP is perfect for chloride sensitive crops such as fruits, vegetables, and grapes.

Ideal for crops with a high sulphur demand.

The high sulphur content improves nitrogen use efficiency and positively effects yield and fruit quality.

Potassium plays a vital role in:

  • photosynthesis
  • starch accumulation
  • protein synthesis
  • controlling ionic balance within the plant
  • metabolism of carbohydrates
  • disease suppression
  • improving the plants ability to withstand both drought and frost tolerance.
product detailer with information about BioAgSOP

BioAgSOP product information

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BioAg SOP is a certified organic input

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