Maintain a controlled-release source of Boron

Boron is typically deficient in many Australian soils, particularly in high rainfall zones.

BioAgBor is an organic form of boron that is suited to a range of enterprises such as horticulture, vegetables, pastures and field crops.

In BioAgBor, BioAg delivers a unique form of boron (hydroboracite) that has very low water-solubility (less than 5%), so will not readily leach.

BioAgBor provides continuous availability of boron that will be accessed as borax and sodium borates, and used by the plant over extended periods.

Boron affects a range of areas related to plant growth and health including root growth, plant growth, plant health, soil fertility, nutrient uptake, disease resistance, and flower and fruit quality.

As boron benefits the plant from emergence through to flowering or fruit-set, it is important that the source of boron delivers nutrient availability throughout the entirety of the plant’s life-cycle.