Address and prevent zinc deficiencies

BioAg Zinc is a liquid fertiliser solution of zinc and sulphur sulphates ideal for use in a range of farming enterprises, especially when addressing and preventing zinc deficiencies is required.

BioAg Zinc also provides added benefits from its sulphur content.

Being in a highly available liquid form that is free-flowing and does not settle, uptake to the plant occurs quickly, allowing for the fast correction of deficiencies.

BioAg Zinc is suitable for use in grains, horticulture, pastures and vines, and can be applied through foliar application, fertigation, or sprayed directly onto soils.

Direct soil application prior to planting addresses and prevents deficiencies, and ensures emerging plant roots are able to access these nutrients.

BioAg highly recommends applying BioAg Zinc before a deficiency occurs, as it is generally easier to prevent deficiencies than to rectify them.