For vegetative growth

BioAg Balance & Grow is formulated to increase vegetative growth, root development and soil microbial activity.

It provides plants and soil with the appropriate nutrients to stimulate and support plant growth, particularly calcium and phosphate, thereby enhancing yield potential.

Separate formulations are available for broadacre, pastures, horticulture and organic systems.

Features and benefits

  • Balanced nutrient supply for plants and soil microbes
  • Supports vegetative growth
  • Increases calcium level in plants
  • Stimulates soil microbial population and diversity

Apply when there is good levels of plant ground cover and plant is in vegetative growth state

Apply using spray system

Broadacre, pasture, horticulture and organic (BFA Allowed Input 221AI) formulations available

Balance & Grow SDS

Balance & Grow (Organic) SDS

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