For vegetative growth

BioAg Balance & Grow is formulated to increase vegetative growth, root development and soil microbial activity.

It provides plants and soil with the appropriate nutrients to stimulate and support plant growth, particularly calcium and phosphate, thereby enhancing yield potential.

Suitable for broadacre, pastures, horticulture and organic systems.

Features and benefits

  • balanced nutrient supply for plants and soil microbes
  • supports vegetative growth
  • increases calcium level in plants
  • stimulates soil microbial population and diversity

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Balance & Grow

Balance & Grow contains a broad range of compounds that are required and used by growing crops and pastures.

By delivering such a broad range of bio-nutrients, Balance & Grow stimulates healthier vegetative growth (and ultimately yield and quality) and addresses a wide range of growth and health issues that can emerge in growing plants.

These ingredients are in a highly complexed biological state, allowing for a very effective uptake by the plant. Increased uptake is achieved by microbial pre-digestion of the ingredients prior to delivery.

The result is very balanced delivery of a wide range of benefits to growing plants.

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Organic enterprises

BioAg Balance & Grow is also available in an organic variant. To find out more, visit our  Balance & Grow (Organic) product page.

Product safety information

This product is not classified as hazardous according to Safe Work Australia criteria.

Based on available information, not classified as hazardous, according to criteria of NOHSC. Not classified as Dangerous Goods by the criteria of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (ADG Code) for transport by road and rail. 

For queries about product safety, please contact us.

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Application information

Apply using a spray system when there are good levels of plant ground cover and plant is in vegetative growth state.

BioAg liquid microbial fermented cultures

BioAg’s biostimulants range is designed to increase yield, quality, production efficiency, and sustainability. Supplement your traditional fertiliser program or build a certified organic nutrient program with our organic variants (allowed input 221).

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Case studies

Read success stories from growers using Balance & Grow.

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