Post-harvest is a critical period for perennial tree crops and vines and a time where you can set up for a better harvest next year.

Post-harvest is when trees and vines recover from the stresses associated with bearing fruit, replenishing nutrients and energy reserves prior to dormancy. As a result it is a perfect time to apply soil nutrients and address any nutrient deficiencies, including trace elements, and use the opportunity to apply ameliorants to improve soil structure.

Correcting nutrient deficiencies is best performed by supplying nutrients through the soil. BioAgPhos based blends can be formulated to provide additional Calcium, Potassium, Sulphur or Magnesium, and be blended with trace elements; for example, Boron, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Cobalt, and or Molybdenum, to meet the needs of the crop.

BioAgPhos and its blends are compatible with other solid soil conditioners such as lime, gypsum, or compost. They can be blended on-farm and applied in a single pass. Applying solid nutrients and ameliorants in late spring or winter allows them to partially penetrate the topsoil, and enter the root zone, to be readily accessed in the following season.

Applying phosphate (P) in the form of BioAgPhos provides the P required during post-harvest. As it is not a traditional water-soluble P fertiliser, it will not leach, will remain in the root zone, and be available at bud burst and through the season. 

In addition to nutrients, a post-harvest application of BioAg Soil & Seed will aid nutrient uptake and tree or vine recovery. Soil & Seed feeds soil biology and improves:

  • Nutrient cycling – converting nutrients into plant-available forms
  • Nutrient access – delivery of plant-available nutrients to roots, and
  • Nutrient retention – chelating water-soluble and excess soil nutrients into stable forms, thereby reducing nutrient losses.

In addition, Soil & Seed will feed biology associated with the breakdown of leaf and litter in the soil, elevating soil carbon levels, and in turn providing a range of benefits to soil structure, infiltration, and water holding capacity.

Ensuring perennial trees and vines are in their best condition prior to dormancy is the best way to guarantee optimal vigour and growth at bud burst. We recommend taking advantage of the opportunity presented at post-harvest to support crop recovery and prepare your soils for the following season.