In early October 2018, the Galpin family sold one May 2017-drop Poll Dorset (used as a ram lamb) for $5200, a figure which achieved a new stud record for the South Australian-based pastoralist family.

The sale, at their property “Warrawindi” near Penola in South Australia, was the Galpins 14th annual on-property sale, was described as “outstanding” by the auctioneers, resulted in a total clearance across all the three breeds, and also a lift in the three averages.

While the sale was obviously a win for the Galpins, BioAg’s South Australian Area Manager Phil Toy was feeling something similar, since David Galpin has been a BioAg customer since 2014.

Both David and BioAg share the belief that sol tests are a very effective tool when determining the correct inputs for any pasture, along with quantities and timing.

Galpin/BioAg fertiliser program summary

  • S10 BioAgPhos – 200 kg/Ha (biennial/every two years)
  • Dolomite lime 500 kg – 1 t/Ha
  • Trace elements as determined by soil tests
  • Zinc approx. – 2 kg/Ha
  • Copper – 1 kg/Ha
  • Molybdenum – 50-100 gm/Ha

You can watch David talking about his BioAg program in this short 30 second video (captured in October 2018).

If you have trouble viewing the video (above), you can also click here to watch the 30 second video capturing some of David’s thoughts in October 2018.

About S10 BioAgPhos

S10 BioAgPhos (P 11.4 : S 10 : Ca 32)

S10 BioAgPhos is ideal for higher rainfall and higher leaching environments where a stable form of sulphur fertiliser is needed. Sulphur is essential for plant growth, the formation of root nodules on legumes, and improves plant health. Sulphur is included in sulphur bentonite pastille form with low sulphur dust.

Sulphur is combined with phosphorus from high-grade reactive phosphate rock (RPR) and BioAg’s microbial digesting agent.

This delivers long-lasting, sustained release of nutrient, making both annual and biennial (every second year) applications possible, and also reduces fertiliser loss due to common issues such as leaching and lock up.

The inclusion of sulphur improves the efficiency of other nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen.

Like most of BioAg’s fertilisers, it is safe for use on all areas on the farm, including waterways which will simply grass up. It is a natural and sustainable alternative to conventional fertilisers, and a certified organic input variant is available.

You can click here to read more about the Galpin’s record-breaking sale.