here. Alternatively, a BioAg Area Manager can provide further detail.

Why are BioAg products and programs better for the Great Barrier Reef?

The short answer is: BioAg programs improve the health of the soil, making it work better. It is better able to deliver nutrients from fertiliser, as well as moisture to a crop, and better equipped to store excess nutrient and moisture. Less nutrient and moisture washes across the top of the soil and into waterways, and less leaches (seeps) down through the soil, below the reach of the roots of a crop, and again into water tables. Lastly, the soils ability to better use applied fertilisers, as well as nutrients already existing in the soil, means less fertiliser needs to be applied. You can read more about the Australian fertiliser industries efforts to reduce the negative impacts on the Great Barrier Reef on the Fertilizer Australia website.]]>