Welcome to Stephan Logoida

Growers of vines and tree crops will be happy to hear that Stephan Logoida has joined our team in the role of Viticulturalist and Horticulturalist.

Hey, hay

Any feed you can grow in autumn and winter will replace the need for supplementary feeding. If you can feed your forage and help it to grow, that’s going to be the better option.

jep gates in paddock of lucerne

Vale Jep Gates

We are sad to announce the death of Jep Gates on Friday 17th of May at his home in Memphis Tennessee.

Wheat in July, sown with Soil & Seed

Soil & Seed at sowing

Soil & Seed has demonstrated in replicated trials, field demonstrations and long term grower use, that it enhances uptake of nutrients into plants.

Pasture blends for performance

Pasture blends for performance

Trace elements can be applied directly to plants as part of a foliar application – for as little as 10 per cent of the quantity and cost.

farmland with blue sky

Keeping input costs on track with BioAg

Fertiliser is very affordable; if you apply the right amount of the right nutrients in the right place at
the right time, production and yield will benefit.

Dual Purpose crops

Dual purpose cropping

Early-sown dual-purpose crops are on the radar again this autumn through reduced forage quantity and quality in most improved pasture paddocks.

Broad bean crop

How to improve yield in acid soils

Which nutrients to apply for soils that are acid at depth. Responding to a recent GRDC podcast about new research by Helen Burns and Dr Mark Norton from NSW DPI about the negative impact on pulse and legume yields in acid soils.

grape, grain, sheep, cattle

Just quietly – it’s our 20th birthday

We celebrate 20 years of providing soil fertility benefits to all kinds of enterprises, across this wide, brown land, and we’re very proud to be here and extremely grateful to all the customers, distributors and advocates who have been with us during this journey so far.