Industry experience

With more than 20 years of industry experience, BioAg offers professional and efficient service, with knowledge you can count on.

Leading supplier

We are one of Australia's leading suppliers of natural fertiliser, with a wide distribution network and area managers across four states.

AFSA member

BioAg is a member of the Australian Fertiliser Services Association, so you can be confident we'll deliver excellent fertiliser to help your farm.

Accredited organisation

For your peace of mind, we are a Fertcare registered and accredited organisation.

Welcome to BioAg

We manufacture natural phosphate-based fertilisers, efficiency and yield-enhancing liquid fermented cultures, and efficient digesters supplied in tailored programs to suit individual farm or grower requirements.

What’s unique about our products is that they provide a range of vitamins and ‘good bugs’ that are the same as those naturally occurring within healthy soil. We use our products in BioAg programs that are specially tailored to the needs of your crop, taking into account soil type, soil test results, your yield and quality goals – and your budget.  

How do our programs work?

Our products provide nutrients for plants and a healthy balance of microbial activity in the soil. At the core of our reliable fertiliser range is BioAgPhos, made from high-grade, highly reactive phosphate rock treated with a proprietary microbial culture. View sample programs.

Start with a soil test

Our programs start with a soil test. A BioAg area manager or agronomist works with you to build a program that takes into account the test results and the goal for your farm. 

Grower success

Australia’s best growers have experienced benefits by following a BioAg program. Our programs meet the needs of the farm and the farmer. We are able to create programs that supplement conventional farming practices, to meet the certification needs of organic farms or help conventional farms transition into regenerative agriculture practices. Read BioAg case studies. 

Find out more about a BioAg program

Meet the team

The BioAg Agronomy and Sales team delivers advice, programs and products for better soil.

Members of our team are located throughout NSW, VIC, TAS and SA, and work directly with farmers and growers. We also have a large and diverse agent and distributor network.

Touch or click your nearest location to see details of your local BioAg expert.


“Long term experience in supporting farming and passion for their product.” 
– Russell S.

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