Distributor spotlight - Morellofert

"A word of mouth recommendation has the greatest value"

Morellofert has been recommending BioAg programs and products to growers for around eight years. We spoke to David Morello about the many reasons he uses and recommends BioAg.

Morellofert delivers solutions to improve soil health and fertility, with a focus on biological, physical and chemical elements, aiming for exceptional agronomic and economic value.

With soil health in mind, Morellofert provides nutrient advice for all kinds of crops including tree crops (citrus, pistachios, almonds)and horticulture including vegetables. Viticulture is a key area of focus for them – wine grapes, table grapes and dried grapes.

Based in Mildura, the company services the Sunraysia, Riverland and Murray Valley areas. They also work with customers in theClare Valley, The Barossa and McLaren Vale and even Orange.As their reputation continues to grow, they cover an increasingly broad area without needing to actively pursue work. The benefits of better soils almost speak for themselves.

David likes to think of Morellofert as more an extension of BioAg than an agent or distributor. The relationship started with a conversation and a recommendation, and that’s also how his business has continued to grow.

Meeting the challenges of soil with low levels of organic matter

Just like BioAg, when working with farmers Morellofert’s focus is on soil health. “We’re in a high pH soil area that features sandy soils with low organic matter so the ability to retain nutrients can be an issue.

”For growers in this region the lack of organic matter in the soil is an area where BioAg can make a huge difference. “Plant resilience can be an issue as well, because of that lack of organic matter,”says David. “This flows onto the lack of beneficial organisms.While some of the soil’s physical characteristics are suitable for growing, the actual soil health isn’t exceptional, so BioAg’s ability to encourage beneficial microbes and improve the levels of organic matter in the soil can provide significant benefits.”

Improving yield this season and in the future

After seeing our programs in action for nearly a decade David sees a key benefit of BioAg programs is their ability to improve yield from one year to the next.“It’s not unheard of for growers to achieve a high yield in one season, but to be able to do that year after year, maintaining good quality of fruit and high yields is a real challenge. And with a BioAg program, after several years we see improved yields without compromising quality. In fact, we see quality improving.

“With a BioAg program, each year you’re improving the soil for the following year. You’re not just thinking about this season, you’re actually thinking about the future.”

Get in touch

Contact Morellofert by phone on (03) 5023 8835 to find out how they can help you achieve better soils, and improved productivity in your crop.

Your local BioAg Area Manager will also be delighted to take your call. 

Phone (02) 6958 9911 or visit bioag.com.au for your nearest BioAg expert.

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