Phosphorus (P) is an essential  element in plant growth. Phosphate fertilisers are also an essential and major investment for growers.

Making decisions on your phosphate fertiliser spend need to based on reliable information and sound advice.

The decision making process begins with a soil test.  However many of these tests and associated target ranges  for P and soil type have been developed for chemical / water soluble P fertilisers. When using BioAg’s reactive rock phosphate based fertilisers it is necessary to revisit the type of phosphate tests being done on your soils.

Measuring Phosphorus in soils when Using Phosphate Rock fertilisers

When using BioAg’s BioAgPhos or its blend the phosphate s liberated with the breakdown of the reactive rock phosphate.  To identify plant available P it is necessary to measure the BioAgPhos still present in the soil that will broken down by the organic acids produced by crops, pasture, vines or trees.

We recommend that a soil test include Bray 1, Bray 2 and PBI (Phosphate buffering Index) as a minimum.  In combination these can be assessed by your BioAg representative to evaluate available P and importantly fertiliser requirements.

To understand more about measuring soil P levels when using BioAgPhos, download our white paper. 


Measuring P in Soil White paper thumbnail

Measuring Phosphorus in Soils when using BioAgPhos

If you are using phosphate rock as a source of P, you need to evaluate the soil tests you are performing to ensure you are getting a true picture of plant available P.

Download this white paper

Rely on BioAg’s RPR knowledge and experience

At BioAg we understand Reactive Phosphate Rock. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Phosphate rocks have very different suitability for direct applications. If you want to use long lasting and non-polluting phosphates, talk to a BioAg agronomist, and consider BioAgPhos. Depending on your soil’s nutrient requirements, BioAgPhos can be blended with other nutrients, at source or on farm, to optimise the nutrient package for your soils and plants.

The RPR we use in our products performs reliably across a wide spectrum of soils and enterprise types. BioAgPhos is the long lasting P product that you can rely on, supported by considerable replicated trial based evidence.

Find your nearest BioAg area manager or specialist agronomist

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