Gary Everett and his wife Dorothy operate a sheep grazing property at Drumborg in Victoria’s Western District. The property is approximately 460ha with 90% grazed. The property runs 2,000 ewes and 2,800 lambs, and when there is the opportunity, cattle.

A couple of years ago, their local agronomist and BioAg Area Manager Allan Reid visited the property at Garry’s request. Stocking rates were high, but the amount of phosphorous (P) being applied wasn’t where it should have been.

Soil tests were carried out and a fertiliser program designed to support the stocking rate and carrying capacity of the property. The Everett’s changed over to BioAgPhos as their source of P, and have seen no drop off in production while seeing an improvement in P levels in their soils.

At BioAg our range of natural phosphate fertilisers are based on our microbially digested reactive phosphate rock – BioAgPhos. Talk to us about your ‘P’ requirements today.