Cereal comparison showing root growth

Maximise pasture growth with a better fertiliser decision

BioAg Area Manager Paul Medlock explains how to make the best use of any rainfall you’ve received this summer, and the rain that’s yet to come - while building soil health.

Even a small amount of rain, in these current conditions, can provide enough moisture in the soil to get you started, so it’s the right time to think about preparing the paddock for sowing – or growing – long term sustainable pasture.

Applying a well-prescribed fertiliser program at the correct time will maximise plant growth and root development.

Our fertiliser range provides calcium, phosphorus and sulphur with long term availability. 

Grazing cereal plant showing the presence of mycorrhiza fungi - extending this plant’s access to nutrients and moisture

Grazing cereal plant showing the presence of mycorrhiza fungi - extending this plant’s access to nutrients and moisture

How does a fertiliser program help?

A successful fertiliser program will maximise observable pasture growth and the biology in the soil to help nutrient cycling/extraction and water storage capacity. Enhanced clover growth will fix free nitrogen into the soil to further enhance grass growth.

A beneficial fertiliser program helps the soil biology as shown in the attached photo. Plants with this beneficial root association of fungi are able to access water and nutrients by expanding the root zone and hence the plant’s ability to scavenge for its growth and development.

This gives your pasture an even better chance of a long productive growth phase to supply balanced nutrients to livestock, maximising your return on your fertiliser investment.

Spot the difference

Shown here is an example of the difference between a forage oats crop paddock planted and managed by a BioAg customer (centre and right), and forage oats planted by his neighbour (left).

Impressive root growth has resulted in strong high-yield plants. This result is possible with optimum soil health, prescribed nutrient application and management.


BioAg can help!

As your BioAg Regional Manager, Paul Medlock (0429 820 360) will help you be sure that you are applying the correct prescribed fertiliser program, to maximise plant growth and provide the best possible pasture for a long term sustainable pasture management program.

Paul welcomes your inquiry and will be happy to provide referees.