Over the past decade land and water prices have doubled to tripled. In the same period livestock prices and wool have escalated as well. Meanwhile, fertiliser prices have remained remarkably constant, give or take some inevitable volatility. In fact the price of fertiliser is not much higher now than it was ten years ago.

The upshot is that fertiliser is cheap – if you apply the right amount of the right nutrients in the right place at the right time, production and yield will benefit.

Fertiliser application

– how much and when?

How do we know what to apply and when – particularly after a dry time that many have endured and continue to endure?

Whether you’re in cropping country or grasslands, major nutrients including calcium, phosphate and sulphur need to be applied at or before sowing and soon after the autumn break in grasslands.

Product selection matters

Critically, water soluble nutrients such as those found in commodity fertilisers, should not be top dressed onto bare soils where there is a runoff risk.

This runoff of nutrients can waste money and cause environmental problems on-farm, nutrient loading dams, and beyond.

A safe alternative is to apply the correct mix of nutrients, not in a water soluble form. This can comprise blends of lime, BioAgPhos, gypsum, elemental sulphur and trace elements on a prescription basis.

Maximise soil capacity and convert water into production

There is an opportunity cost if you do not maximise production in times of higher livestock and grain prices. Soil fertility or water availability, including the soil’s capacity for infiltration, can all be limiting factors.

If the productive capacity of your soil is a limiting factor, you are missing out on profit opportunity.

Capturing rainfall where it falls is another key to success.
We encourage you to consult with your BioAg agronomist, who will help you implement a plan to maximise your soil structure, fertility and conversion of water into production and profit.

BioAg customers stay with us, year after year BioAg, now twenty years in operation, has been built on a foundation of customer retention.

We keep customers coming back by doing a great job for each one, year after year, improving the profitability, productivity and sustainability of their farm businesses over time.

Pass it forward

Take care of soil health and fertility and then when it comes time to pass your farm on to the next generation or move on to other projects, your farmlands should be in better and more productive condition than when you started.

Many of our long-term customers have grown their farming operations considerably, for example buying neighbouring farms. They rely on BioAg for fertiliser and related advice through their journey. We pride ourselves on our many long term relationships with successful farmers, both family and corporate.