Resilience is a word thrown around a lot in agriculture. It’s something that our customers need to possess at times like these and make no mistake, it’s something that BioAg had to develop too. As with Australian farmers, we are all at the mercy of weather, climate and economical factors.

Yet today, we celebrate 20 years of providing soil fertility benefits to all kinds of enterprises, across this wide, brown land, and we’re very proud to be here and extremely grateful to all the customers, distributors and advocates who have been with us during this journey so far.

It is part of our mantra at BioAg to ensure we do a good enough job for our customers each year to get invited back the next year and since we started 20 years ago, we’ve been a trusted partner of a number of farming enterprises. Year after year we help them get the results they need and year after year they come back for more.

Our celebrations will occur in July, at a quieter time of year for us and our customers, but as today is the 20th anniversary of the day we opened our doors, we wanted to mark it quietly.

Thank you for your support and Happy Birthday to us!