For many years BioAg has worked with Dr Bruce Kirksey at the Agricenter International in Tennessee, conducting small plot independent replicated trials with BioAg’s liquid biostimulant range. In recent years these trials have extended to wheat where the biostimulants were applied as follows:

  • Soil & Seed applied at sowing
  • Balance & Grow applied as a foliar at mid tillering, and
  • Fruit & Balance applied as a foliar at booting.

The trials compared two different treatments to grower standard practice (GSP), being Soil & Seed on its own, and Soil & Seed plus the two foliar applications. The results were compelling, with statistically significant yield responses in both years for both treatments. Table 4 shows the respective yield responses and Table 5 shows the economic benefit of these biostimulant programs on GSP.

Table 4 – Yield results per treatment per year (T/Ha)

Table 5 – Economic benefit of biostimulant programs on GSP

#Based on a delivered cost of $7 per litre; %based on ex farm price of $200 per tonne.


The use of either Soil & Seed on its own, or the complete program of soil and foliar products, delivered yield responses over GSP. These responses were not only statistically significant but also provided a significant economic return.

Whilst the full program delivered the greatest yield response and benefit, the use of the foliar products provided a significant yield benefit and as a separate treatment provided a financial return. It is never to late to consider use of biostimulants to improve crop yields.

The full trial summary report is available for download here.

BioAg’s foliar products, Balance & Grow and Fruit & Balance, are commonly applied in combination with other foliar nutrients for maximum performance.

BioAg Tailored Programs

The recently released BioAg White Paper – Soil Structure, Microbes and Nitrogen Efficiency, looks at soil microbes; a potential answer to the damage from over-fertilising and nitrogen ‘pool’ in soils, and reducing losses. Also, how you can regenerate soil properties and minimise nutrient loss path-ways with BioAg, specifically Soil & Seed.

Our focus is to measure and analyse soil and develop sustained, cost-effective, nutrition programs that meet soil and crop requirements, and help the grower achieve yield and quality goals.

BioAg Area Managers and distributors work directly with growers to develop fertility programs across a range of crop types. Our programs deliver improved nutrient use efficiency, utilisation, uptake, and cycling.

Talk to us about how a BioAg program could reduce your nutrient input costs, including clever use of N, and increasing your crop yields and quality for maximised profit.