Beef and sheep annual plan

Increase grazing pasture production for sheep and beef

BioAg Pastures for Sheep and Beef

BioAg has developed an annual plan specifically for sheep and beef growers.

The plan covers the entire year and provides detail on actions to be taken for each season so that you can grow great pasture, and produce great livestock.

Challenges, Answers, and Results

The Annual Plan looks at the challenges pastoralists often face in each season, and then provides answers to those challenges.

Lastly it gives examples of how those answers have worked under trial or in real world, on farm scenarios.

Some key points of the Annual Plan are summarised below, and you can also download the complete plan.

We hope you find it useful!

Annual Plan Summary


Build soil fertility - Soil fertility is essentially the soils ability to support pasture production.

Healthy and fertile soil will be the foundation for strong, year-long pasture production.

  • The key to good fertiliser management is to ensure applied fertilisers match the nutrient requirements of the farming.
  • Nutrient planning uses the concepts of capital and maintenance to determine the nutrient requirement on different areas of the farm.
  • Nutrients are not evenly distributed over the farm – manage to soil type.
  • Target levels of soil fertility should be set based on your production system.
  • Monitoring soil fertility with soil tests is vital in nutrient planning.


Improve natural nutrient cycling and dry matter production.

  • The soil contains trillions of microbes that are highly beneficial to pasture growth and plant health.
  • Soil & Seed enhances this asset, unlocking nutrients, increasing root and shoot growth, and plant resilience to stresses.


Increase pasture growth and stimulate fodder crop production.

  • Tailored solutions are the key to maximising pasture production in Winter, when soils and the environmentare very cold.
  • Maximising pasture production duringthis period minimises the need to purchase feed.


Maximise pasture growth and quality now to secure feed supply during Summer and Autumn.

  • Strong Spring growth and high feed quality will benefit from a tailored program designed for this important season.
  • Maximising production now sets up Summer and Autumn, and minimises the need to buy feed.

Tailored Nutrient Strategies

BioAg works with its clients to develop tailored and sustainable nutritional strategies for their production systems.

Nutrition plans are formulated taking into account peak feed requirements, calving periods, feed quality requirements and available resources.

Review and Source

By incorporating a review of available and required nutrition, soil biological health, and soil carbon, we develop a program that incorporates both locally available inputs as well as BioAg’s range of environmentally sustainable products.