“Profitable winter cereal growing demands higher production per unit area at lower cost per unit of production. This can be achieved by increasing grain yields, as well as enhancing grain quality for harvest 2016”.

NSW DPI Winter Crop Variety Guide, 2016

The major drivers of protein

Spring holds strong potential

Protein levels will be key to wheat prices

Use foliar Fruit & Balance + Nitrogen to maximise protein

Foliar application

A typical quality-enhancing foliarapplication

20 L/ha UAN
2 L/ha Fruit & Balance
100 gm/ha copper sulphate
300 gm/ha zinc sulphate

Read more about Fruit & Balance

A wet winter has many growers entering spring with a full moisture profile, providing unique concerns and opportunities for wheat growers.

The market continues to be long with feed grain, which is reflected in the relatively low price forecasts for feed grade wheat.

The greatest influencer of wheat pricing spreads this year will be the protein level achieved at harvest.

It therefore makes great sense to do everything in your power to maximise protein accumulation.

From now on, the major opportunity to increase protein will be the application of nitrogen combined with Fruit & Balance.

This can be applied as foliar with UAN or as foliar after top dressing urea, and can be applied in conjunction with fungicide for rust suppression.

Benefits of foliar nutrients

The advantage of applying late season nutrients with BioAg Fruit & Balance as a foliar is that you apply a range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, enzymes and carbohydrates that all work synergistically with thenitrogen that’s applied as UAN or Urea.

Spraying the foliar mixture of UAN, Fruit & Balance, and trace elements will cost ~ $27/ha.

It is highly effective, safe, and with a boom application results in reduced crop damage with fewer passes.

Don’t miss the rain, get the boom height up and aim for the flag leaf, and consider a fungicide to protect your crop.

Generate higher returns

Advertised AWB grain prices indicate a gain of $13/t if you increase protein from 10.5% (APW) to 11.5% (H2).

At a yield of 5 t/ha this is a gain of $65 per hectare on quality alone.

Bring home the bacon in 2016.

Maximise your yield improvement by optimising grain quality above district averages and capitalise on all your hard work.

Fruit & Balance provides major opportunities for increasing protein.

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