How more clover was grown in Flinders Island pastures

Grower feedback

Recently, David Bellinger, a Flinders Island based pastoralist provided some feedback to his fertiliser supplier, Agrifert.

David has been trying to achieve balance in his 1,150 ha pasture enterprise for many years, where he currently runs 2,000 head of Angus and Angus cross cattle.

In 2017 he met Nick Barnes at a Flinders Island growers day. Nick runs Agrifert, a fertiliser distribution company based in Somerset, Tasmania who also services the Flinders Island and King Island areas.

After that meeting, David decided to move to using BioAg’s BioAgPhos as the main component of his pasture fertiliser program.

David’s resulting program consisted of:

  • BioAgPhos (P:12.7, Ca:35, S:1)
  • BioAgSoP (K: 41.5, S:18)
  • Copper, Boron, Zinc, Magnesium, Cobalt

In David’s words “in the past I have been lucky to induce 5% clover. This year the signs are for 85% clover”.

“The clover is a healthy dark green, which I have never seen here before”.



Part of David Bellinger’s 1,150 ha pasture on Flinders Island.

David puts this down to the BioAg inputs being non-leaching, and has no doubt that BioAgPhos has been the mainstay and the carrier for the other elements used. 

More about Agrifert 

Agrifert is a fertiliser distribution company based in Somerset, Tamania, and services farmers in Tasmania, Flinders Island and King Island.

Agrifert was started by David and Nick Barnes in 1995 after the pair saw a need to supply farmers with fertilisers and other nutritional products that suited the sustainable agricultural market in the area.

Agrifert is now a leading supplier of natural and sustained release fertilisers, sourcing the best quality inputs from around the world based on scientific results.

Contacting Agrifert 

Nick Barnes –0427 324 350

David Barnes – 0400 183 832 

Shed 5, 2 Reece Court

Somerset, Tas

More about BioAgPhos 

BioAgPhos is a sustained release source of P (12.7%) and calcium (35%), and S (1%) that is manufactured by Narrandera (southern NSW) based company BioAg. It is non-leaching, resistant to soil “lock-up”, and compatible with soil conditioners. 

Operating since 1999, BioAg manufactures fertilisers such as BioAgPhos by combining high-grade nutrient sources with a unique digesting agent that delivers nutrients to crops and pastures in a plant-available form over sustained periods.

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