Whether you’re growing summer or winter crops, irrigated or dryland (broadacre), there are challenges unique to each segment, while many similar challenges also exist.

BioAg has developed strategies, programs and products that cater for each of these segments through extensive research, crop trials, and on-farm demonstrations. We have built our programs using a combination of best-practices, supplemented with traditional and biologically enhanced inputs.

As with all of our programs, we look to enhance the soils’ health and fertility as a key strategy to developing more intensive cropping for the farmer.

It is equally important to address the specific needs of a crop, as it it to address the challenges posed during each season. For those reasons, BioAg cropping programs are tailored to suit each individual farm and paddock.

Our programs will complement any previous programs on a paddock, and provide the added benefit of unlocking previously applied nutrients. This can save the farmer both time and money.

We deliver cropping solutions to conventional or traditional farmers, irrigated or broadacre, through to certified organic farming.

A program will usually consist of a mix of BioAg natural fertilisers, soil inoculants, foliars, micro-nutrients, and some traditional inputs.

The end result is better soils, and better crops.

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