Whether you’re chasing grain size and quality, or wanting to grow more nutritious pasture, an autumn application of BioAg’s Soil & Seed can help you get the most out of your fertiliser, land and rainfall.

With the arrival of autumn and the cooler months, it is time to start preparing to feed your crops and pastures through their growing season.

Soil & Seed is the perfect product for crop establishment and pasture production, converting fertiliser, moisture and soil into productivity.

It does this by delivering a broad spectrum of beneficial soil microbial species, as well as a food source for both the microbial populations and the crop or pasture.

The microbial populations perform a range of functions in the soil including

  • nitrogen fixation
  • soil remediation of contaminated soils
  • plant growth promotion, and
  • suppression of root pathogens

Soil & Seed also contains a wide variety of amino acids, which help to feed this diverse microbial community, and the entire liquid range can be applied using a boom spray, aerial, furrow injection or irrigation systems.

Independent, replicated trials have shown the statistically significant yield increases possible with Soil & Seed. These increases include reduced nitrogen replications that have still delivered significant returns. 

How farming affects microbial populations

Healthy soils that are not farmed contain a vast population of bacteria and fungi that are necessary in the processing and delivery of nutrients and moisture into plant-life. Farming reduces the population of these micro-organisms in the soil. Soil & Seed contains both nutrients and populations of micro-organisms.

In short, Soil & Seed revitalises the delivery system of nutrients to the plant.

BioAg’s range of products

The entire BioAg product range contains these microbial populations. It is what sets our products apart and why we are leaders in agricultural microbial fermentation technology.

  • improving crop establishment, plant vigour, natural soil fertility, moisture and nutrient utilisation
  • encouraging rapid germination and early root development.

What do Soil & Seed users say? 


“The visual difference in the crop was observable from an early stage. From the initial emergence to when the crop had started to fill, the appearance of the grain size and vigour of the crop was chalk and cheese.

“The ability of the treated area to resist disease pressure was visible, with noticeably less leaf disease compared to the rest of the crop, which was mainly suffering from a spot form of net blotch. With the early vigour, the weed pressure was also considerably reduced in the treated area.

“Visual appearance does not always correlate to an increase in yield at harvest, but we also noticed the difference once the header was in the paddock. The sizes of the heads six weeks before harvest were 30% greater than those in untreated areas. This was supported by a 1.5 tonne per ha increase in yield. For a small increase in initial costs, the rewards were great.”
Rob Calaby, Director of Mid North Ag Services in Clare commenting on a barley cropping trial at ‘Woodlands Hill’ in SA.

“Our irrigated crops require less frequent irrigation, saving us on water.”
Scott Vincent, Narromine NSW

“Ploughing the subsequent seasons paddocks occurred in a higher gear and used 20% less diesel than before.”
Justin Walsh, Coleambally NSW

“My crop matured a week before anyone else’s in the area.”
George Commins Whitton NSW

“Soil & Seed treated areas seem to handle the environmental stresses better.”
Bartyn Dall, Woodlands Hill, Kybunga, SA


“At Simpson in Victoria, after trying to grow grass with conventional fertilisers with little success, Soil & Seed in combination with other conventional and non-conventional fertilisers resulted in increases in dry matter production and better pasture composition (rye-grass/clover ratio). There has also been increased soil microorganisms and their biological activity in all paddocks.

This has led to the adoption of this system across the entire farm for the second year.”
Independent pasture systems agronomist Robby Zeissig, who specialises in pasture and dairy management, cropping and silage.

Soil & Seed’s effect on soil microbe populations

Soil & Seed improves the biomass of soils.

An analysis was performed by Creation Innovation Agricultural and Forestry (CIAAF).

The graph below shows the microbial biomass (kg/ha) before and after treatment with Soil & Seed.

Read the full trial details

Grower success stories

Read the stories of growers who have seen success through the use of Soil & Seed.

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